The 100 water fall trek.

The trip start from Our office  and have a boat ride down the peaceful  Nam Ou river, enjoy the kart stunning lime stone mountain  along the river side about 1 hour then we will arrive to Ban Donkhoun village over here you will learn about the local life style, culture and tradition. Some day you can see the local people making Lao whisky from sticky rice after strolling around the village for awhile the guide will lead you on trek to the 100 waterfall which hide in the deep jungle.

All the way long trekking through the rice paddies field of the local villegers  for 45min we will get to the first cascades of 100 waterfall from here your real  adventure will start. Right now you will trek through the  green jungle and uncountable waterfall on and on and hear the sound of  non stop running clear waterfall match with the birds and insect noise for  more than one hour until you get to the last top of  100 waterfall and catch the panorama view from there  over you can shower and  refreshing yourselves after that Lao picnic lunch will ready for serve on the top.

After lunch turn back by dry route another way through pristine forest back to ban don khoun village where our boat was waiting and enjoy the drive back to Nongkhiaw in the end of the wonderful day.