1 Day pristine Jungle + Hmong- Khmu tribes

Your trip Startfrom our office, taking a 15-mins’ tuk tuk head to the south, we’ll reach a Hmong tribe village which came from the mountain to the valley. There we will start our adventure day!

At the beginning we will trek through the rice field of local people, soon we will go into the bamboo and palm tree forest. Deep into the pristine forest, surrounded by big trees, we can hear the singing of birds, explore various kinds of insects and wild animals, and enjoy the nice time in the alive jungle. At noon, Lao picnic will be ready for serve in the middle of the jungle. At the same time, our local guide will show you the edible and medicinal plants for our local people.

After 5-6 hours’ trekking, we’ll arrive at the Hmong and Khmu tribes. They live neighborhood but not mixed. Here, you could learn about the lifestyles of both tribes, which are different in languages, cultures and traditions. You are welcome to ask more questions to our guide! You may find some interesting things ordinary to local elders  but new to you!

After the visit and a break in the village, it’s time for leaving. We are going to hop on the tuk tuk and then head back to Nong Khiaw.