1 Day easy hiking. Lao + Hmong + Khmu Villages

The trip we stars with a boat on the Nam ou River. First stop is the lao village ban hoihoy where you navigate your way among the huts and countless chicken, ducks, lao kids running around back to the boat for a quick ride and then the trekking begins it is and hour and hlf walk on the wide country road surrounded by majestic limestone mountains and lush rice terraces.lunch will be sered in the

Scenic village ban phayong prepared by locals.you can take a walk around the village and observe the differences between the two tribes hmong and khmu living together. Another hour and alf of trekking follows with more rice fields,crossing pristing streams along the way and finding shelter from the sun under the trees of the green forest right before you would thinks you might gettired the river appears with the boat for the retuning journey along the way watch the peaceful river teaming of life with locals fishing, kids running around on the sand and buffaloes sunbathing or swimming in the wather. Arrive just before sunset for the romantic picture. Over all it’s an easy and enjoyable,relaxed trek for all ages and fitness condition   


(or kayaking on the last part of the trip possible too as your request)